Thursday, August 28, 2014

Big Coat Inspiration

Big Coat -- Mixed Emotions blog

I like to start with a coat, because to me, a coat or jacket is the element that really pulls a wardrobe together. I want my coat not only to make a statement, but I want it to work with all the silhouettes I am likely to wear in the coming season. Last winter, I realized that the coats in my closet didn't really work with my slouchy pants. If you wear a short coat with wider pants, it will cut across your thighs, and chances are it will make you look stumpy. I looked at a lot of runway photos and I find that knee length or longer is a much more flattering  length. Check out my Big Coat  Pinterest board for some of my faves.
I plan to use this Burdastyle pattern:

Burda 08/2010-102

I love the shoulder detail (no set in sleeves!), wide lapels and overall roominess. I've already started on a muslin and I think it will work just as well with or without the tie belt. Of course, I really want to use my green wool from Mood, but it isn't very wide, so I'll have to come up with a creative way of laying out the fabric for the sleeves to be long enough. I hope it works, because even though it's still summer, I can't wait to wrap myself in its cozy goodness. Do you get as excited about sewing coats as I do? Marilla plans to make 2 this winter. How inspiring!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

One Last Summer Dress

Burda Dress 128-06/ 2013

Just before we left for the States, I decided my travel wardrobe wouldn't be complete without a lightweight jersey dress. So I started making this one, but ran out of time and finally finished it when we got back home, after the jet lag wore off. Of course, I didn't really need this dress on our trip. In fact, it never got terribly hot, so I wore mostly skirts or loose pants with long sleeved shirts.

The pattern is #128 from the June 2013 issue of Burdastyle, and I used a rayon jersey. I generally find rayon jerseys too unstructured for dresses, but they can work well in loose styles such as this. It was a very easy make. My modifications were to raise the elastic waist casing because I don't like too much poofiness in that area and I had to take in the bodice at the sides quite a bit.

So, I'm done with summer sewing till next year. Looking back, I think my makes this season have been quite consistent, even though I never set out with a formal plan. If you know yourself well enough, there is no need for worksheets and mathematical formulas. I find it much more satisfying to follow my intuition and sew what I need as I go along. This past season, I let myself indulge in this blue and grey phase I was in, and the result was a very versatile wardrobe that was perfect for travel.

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