Thursday, May 15, 2014

Wendy Mullin--Soft Rock

Soft Rock--Overcoat + Tank Dress

Wendy Mullin is back with a line called Soft Rock.

She says: "I woke up one morning and realized that my style was beyond casual... that most of my clothing felt out of style or too young and I didn't want to wear any of it. I wanted a wardrobe that was simple, comfy, sophisticated, washable, chic, and easy consisting of basics I could mix and match with existing pieces in my (diminished) wardrobe."

I think this is something many of us can relate to.

Soft Rock Tank + Ballet Skirt

I really love all the pieces in this collection. They make up an easy and functional Summer wardrobe.

Soft Rock--Day Dress

these styles feel like minimalist, grown-up versions of her nearly defunct brand, Built By Wendy : the slouchy coat, the dolman sleeved dress, the A-line skirt... all made out of cotton gauze : super comfortable and ideal for travel. I could easily dress like this all Summer. And my hunch is Wendy wouldn't mind if I drew inspiration from her new line for my sewing, because she is the champion of home sewists!

Let me tell you why Wendy Mullin is my hero. I learned to sew with her book Sew U. My first project was her A-line skirt. There are many cool beginner sewing books on the market now, but this is the original one and it is solid. It explores building a mix and match wardrobe with just a few basic patterns and lots of variations, and the styles are still current.
Then there was Sew U Home Stretch, with which I first tackled knits, and never looked back. The dress pattern in this book is killer and it has so many variations!
Built by Wendy Dresses is a bounty of girly dresses. My teenage daughter often flips through it for inspiration, and I've made her several styles from the book.
I also made a coat using her Coats book, which shows you how to use a few basic blocks to make all kinds of beautiful coats and jackets, by adding a hood, or a collar, pockets etc... For a beginner sewist, these books are wonderful because they open up a world of possibilities and demonstrate that you can really be creative with basic patterns, altering them to create infinite new styles.

Soft Rock--Smock + Boxers

It almost felt like she was my best sewing buddy, guiding me in my sewing endeavours and styling choices. And now that she has moved onto a more grown-up aesthetic, I can continue to follow her lead.

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  1. What an amazing collection! Next on my to buy list is definitely at least one of the books you mentioned...

    1. Hi Sasha! There is definitely a progression in the books. Sew U is for beginners. The dresses and coats books assume you know the basics. I've recently read some great reviews of the pants pattern in the first book and am tempted to try it. There isn't much info on fitting though, so you will probably need to look elsewhere for that.

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  2. Hi Sara! Great post. I saw this collection somewhere on the internet recently. It's really beautiful. I never thought about it being more grownup than the Sew U but it really is. Happy sewing!

    1. thank you Beth! I love the Sew U skirt you posted today!

  3. Cool! Thanks for sharing! She taught me knits with her stretch book and I still use them for 95% of my designs. It's great to see she's doing more now!

    1. That's terrific Em. She's such an inspiration!

  4. Wendy Mullin really has been a big influence on so many of us! I've been revisiting her dresses book recently, and I may have to track down the Stretch one as well… Nice to see what she's been up to lately, and I can picture this collection fitting right in to your wardrobe!