Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Sartorialist Sculptor -- Tomoaki Suzuki

Tomoaki Suzuki--Mel

Bordeaux's own museum of contemporary art, CAPC, is having an exhibition of Japanese artist Tomoaki Suzuki's wood carvings.
His sculptures are 54 cm high and very detailed.

Tomoaki Suzuki--Nia
he says: "I am interested in details because it's through the faithful observation of details that the complexity of a model's personality can be sensed... a tatoo for example is a very clear expression of oneself, and I would extend this thinking to someone's haircut and clothes"

Tomoako Suzuki--Adam
This reminds me of the famous quote from "Wild at Heart", when Sailor (Nicolas Cage) says of his snakeskin jacket : "Did I ever tell ya that this here jacket represents a symbol of my individuality, and my belief in personal freedom?"

Suzuki's earlier sculptures were less detailed, but I really like this little guy:

Tomoaki Suzuki--Satoru
To what extent does our appearance reflect our true selves ? I doubt that most people care that much about self expression and I think most of the times they're just conforming to their social or professional environment. Sewists, obviously, put more of themselves into what they wear, but honestly, when I get dressed most days I just want to look good and feel comfortable ;)


  1. Hi Sara! I think the choices we make in order to "look good and feeling comfortable" do very much express who we are. Expressing oneself doesn't necessarily mean being eccentric or peculiar. Besides one can be so many things. I think we start to question either we express or not our "true selves" when we are not quite happy with our life... but changing ones clothes won't change that.

    1. Hi Sasha, yes we can be so many things and it's nice to keep things fun like that.