Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Style Dichotomy

Barena Venezia Spring 2014
DVF pre-Fall 2011

Two aspects of my personality.

On the one hand is the gentleman farmer which, since I recently stumbled upon beautiful Barena Venezia, has materialized in my mind as the Venetian Peasant. This style is masculine, rugged yet refined, with an emphasis on beautiful fabrics and craftsmanship.
On the other hand is the easy chic aesthetic of the seventies, reinterpreted in this contemporary look by DVF, which I see as highly feminine, sleek and streamlined.
The first is earthy and contemplative and the second is urban and outgoing.
These two styles are apparently very different, but there is a common sense of easy going simplicity.

Some elements I love :

Venetian Peasant - slouchy pants, vests, cozy coats, and enveloping scarfs. Texture. Authenticity.

70s Chic - dresses with attitude, belted coats and jackets, caramel leather, bright colors.

Harmonizing these two styles in my wardrobe is a work in progress. But so is any wardrobe, don't you agree?


  1. I like Barena Venetia too... beautiful craftsmanship... I think everyone of us has more than one aspect to his/hers personality and the way these aspects come into play together define us as a whole.

  2. Barena's commitment to beautiful fabrics and expert craftsmanship has got to appeal to home sewists, right? I love their philosophy.

  3. I know what you mean about having two (or more!) different styles you like. I say, just go for it. Wardrobes are more unique when they are filled with pieces that "seem" disparate but when combined in a stylish way - make totally unique and totally you outfits. I'm beginning to think that wardrobes and women don't need to be 'harmonized' - in fact we are more powerful and creative in our complexity.

    1. Kat, I think you're right! A dose of cacophony in our closets and in our lives may in fact be healthy :)