Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Scout Tee Family + Me Made May

While my sewing machine was being serviced, I sewed up some knits. It was interesting because even though I have a serger and coverstitch machine, I almost always use the sewing machine at some point when sewing knits. I just feel like the sewing machine is more precise and basting the shoulder seams and neckline binding before serging gives me more control. I think it was a good exercise to try doing things differently though it did seem sloppier at times.
So, I offered up my knits stash, and my daughters each picked one for a top. We agreed on Grainline's Scout Tee. It was my first time trying a Grainline pattern and I must say, it fits great! I must try sewing it in a woven some time.
Big L picked this sheer synthetic jersey with printed oranges. It'll be really lovely over a tank top.

Little L picked this fine mercerized cotton jersey. It's an oyster color that suits her cool complexion and it has a really lovely silky sheen.

When I took her measurements, she was a negative 8. I was prepared to grade down, but since she wanted her T oversized with dropped shoulders, I went ahead and sewed a 0 and it turned out really well. I finished the neckline with a band so as to raise it a bit.

For myself, I used this bronze colored jersey. I think it is a cotton with some kind of synthetic coating on the right side which gives it a slightly metallic sheen. It was leftover from a tank dress I made several years ago and still love.

I have signed up for Me-Made May. This will be my first time participating, and I am very excited! I have pledged to wear at least one handmade garment each day for the duration of May 2014. The truth is, I already do that pretty much every day of the year, so I see this less as a challenge than an opportunity for mindfulness. I want to put more thought into how I dress every morning, how I balance self made and purchased clothes, and maybe identify some wardrobe needs. I also see it as an opportunity to give some love to things I made that don't get worn enough, not because there's anything wrong with them, but really out of laziness. It's easy to wear the same uniform all the time, but it can also get boring.

I just spring cleaned my closet. I usually do this much earlier in the season, late March or early April, but this year, though we had a few sunny days, the weather has been pretty bad for weeks, so I kept putting it off. Eventually, I couldn't stand the sight of all those dark wools and had to put them away and bring out some Spring colors. I was very selective this year. For every item, I considered not only whether I wore it last year, but how I felt in it. If there was any discomfort associated with the garment, back to the attic it went, and it didn't matter if it was something I put many hours into making. The resulting pared down wardrobe is comprised of about 50% handmade and 50% purchased clothes. Several years ago, I thought I would eventually make all of my clothes, but, though I admire those who do, I have since realized it would be less of a pleasure for me if I felt sewing had become an obligation.

I have registered to the Me-Made-May Flickr and Pinterest groups and I suppose I will post about my progress weekly, but since I have only been blogging for a few months and most of the clothes I made have not been recorded, I might do special posts about some of them. I have no preconceived plan, so we'll see how things unfold. I just hope the weather warms up, because with my Spring wardrobe, I will soon run out of warm options!


  1. So lovely! I like all 3, but my favourite is the oyster version with the neckband looks so classic!

    1. Thanks Marilla! Yeah, I'm kind of jealous that she can wear that color and I can't :) It washes me out.

  2. I like the neckband on the oyster one too... and the one with the oranges worn over a tank top must be lovely!

  3. What pretty Scouts! I love this pattern, and enjoy making it in both wovens and knits.

    1. Thank you Mary! It's great when something comes together so easily.