Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Reaping Inspiration From the Fashion Shows

Christophe Lemaire, Spring 2014

Do you look to the fashion shows for inspiration?

I do. It's not that I want to follow trends especially, but designers sometimes have really good ideas. Or they capture a mood that resonates with me and helps me define the direction I wish to go in with my sewing.
I pin a lot as soon as the pictures from the runways appear on Style.com. Then I go back several months later, at the approach of the season and weed through my pins. Through this editing process, my personal style aspirations emerge. My Fall 2013 board was all about slouchy menswear.
Looking at my Spring 2014 board, my eye is particularly drawn to the Christophe Lemaire look above. It is a shirtdress, plain and simple. Wearing this dress, you could go pretty much anywhere. Whatever the day's activities, you'd be prepared. And look, almost no accessories!
The color is gorgeous. I love organic colors for Spring, greens and earth tones.
You might have guessed, I plan to sew a green shirtdress.

Karen Walker, Spring 2014

I also love this Karen Walker look.  What a beautiful palette! The color combination is very creative, but the mood is tender. Playful, yet serene. Though the proportions work well on the model,  I don't think I would attempt that much volume, but, ideally, I would like to incorporate this easy going chic vibe into my Spring wardrobe.

Are there designer looks that you feel are a good representation of your style and wardrobe aspirations? How does this translate into your sewing?


  1. Gorgeous, I love the looks that you've selected! I tend to be drawn to brands like Cos and Toast for inspiration. Less designer, but with the same clean lines and precise detail that I like. There seems to be a lot of this about at the moment, taking the focus away from any embellishment and much more on the silhouette. I find this much more satisfying to sew actually. It's far more rewarding to end up with a clean finish than an all whistles and bells outfit.

    1. I love COS! I love to look inside their garments too, they are so well made.

  2. I love your selections. The styles and colors are fresh, and they look wearable and sewable. I've scrolled through many a designer show online and often I just come away dizzy from the huge range of looks and ideas. I want to use them for inspiration for my sewing, but sometimes I have a hard time focusing in on what I could actually use.

    1. Thanks Sharan. I really feel it helps to look for themes within your selections. When you study all the designer looks you favor, are there colors and silhouettes that emerge? Do you feel that some of these looks in particular would translate well to your lifestyle?

    2. Good questions. I have pinned a few looks, but I'll have to do more, so I can look at the trends.